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Start Betting Mobile like a Pro

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Start Betting Mobile like a Pro

Betting Mobile

To bet mobile like a pro pretty much means to be successful at what one does gambling-wise. An online poker player for instance is successful when he’s able to turn a consistent profit playing online tournaments or cash games through his mobile device. Betting mobile on various sports match-ups is also something many people do, but it is safe to say that few of them are capable of doing that professionally, as in for a living. Of course, one is also betting mobile when playing in a mobile online casino at the roulette or the blackjack tables. In order to be successful, one has to know the ins and outs of the games, he has to possess a certain set of skills and has to be able to couple those skills with discipline wherever needed. The actual platform one uses to place his/her online wagers has little to do with the likelihood of success.

When betting mobile at the online poker tables or iPhone blackjack for instance, one has to be adept at poker/blackjack strategy and everything it entails. That means one has to be able to properly select his starting hands, to dominate reflow action, to play well post-flop, and to master various strategies like three-betting, floating the flop, c-betting, bluffing etc.

Becoming a successful online poker player these days is by no means an easy feat to pull. One needs a solid bankroll, equally solid bankroll management skills, tons of poker strategy knowledge, mathematics skills as well as a good dose of luck on the side every now and then.

Betting mobile on sports may seem like a much more attractive proposition for many. After all, most sports-fans consider themselves thorough connoisseurs of the game mechanics as well as of the various teams involved in the league(s) they would consider betting on.

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Successful sports betting isn’t an easy feat to achieve either though. There are countless intricacies to betting mobile this way. Although the vertical as a whole has lent itself extremely well to the mobile platform, the skills and the discipline required are rather daunting regardless.

In its layman form, sports betting is an inherently negative long-term EV activity, regardless of whether one is betting mobile or betting through a live bookmaker. Beginners can’t possibly expect to generate profits while beating the variance in the long-run, and the main reason for that is the bookmaker’s vig (which is the same online as it is at a live shop). Even if the vig weren’t there, the proposition would still only be a 50-50 coin-flip of a deal for the skill-less square, and that isn’t worth a whole lot of time and money invested either.

The same way one can reduce the house edge at blackjack for instance, one can definitely secure quite a bit of positive EV in sports betting through thorough handicapping and reverse handicapping aimed at uncovering the hidden value. The hidden value is the key word here. Finding it and to exploiting it though is much easier said than done. One needs quite a set of skills and quite a well-set-up modus operandi to be able to spot the value and to pounce on it immediately. Outside of the actual bookmakers, there are very few people out there who can pull this feat off.

The bottom line: if you want to bet like a pro, read, study, inform yourself and learn. That’s the first step towards success, regardless of the betting platform that you use.