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888 Poker Android App Review

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888 Poker Android App Review

888 Poker Android Application Review - BioMedComThe 888 Poker Android app is compatible with all the Android-based phones and tablets that support Adobe Air. The app offers a nicely laid-out table, a wealth of options and it is extremely responsive, fast and stable. It does have a few limitations too though.

888 Poker have recently launched their mobile app for android based phones, and tablets. While the aim of the software is to ensure compatibility with as many different devices as possible, it’s important to know that it’s based on Air technology, that is, it only runs on devices which support Adobe Air. The size of the app is ridiculously small: 10 MB in the downloadable format and 23 MB when installed on the user’s device. The app can be downloaded directly from 888 Poker.

The download process shouldn’t last more than 3 minutes although it will probably last considerably less on a proper internet connection.
New 888 Poker players (who have never used anything else but the mobile app to access the site’s services) will be able to register their accounts through it. They will also be able to deposit money and to cash out through it.

While the mobile client will offer real money as well as play money action, grinders should take note that they’ll only be able to play at a single SNG or cash table. For the time being, there is no multi-table functionality. Also, for now only Texas Holdem is supported.

As said above, the 888 Android app makes it possible for players to log in using an existing account (by simply entering their username/password combination) as well as to register a new account. If they hit the ‘register now’ button, they’ll be whisked over to a web-based registration form where they can fill in their details.
The lobby can be accessed in a logged-in as well as not-logged-in mode. The not logged in mode offers players the possibility to log in or to give the play money tables a go.

Once logged in, players will get instant information on the status of their account and balance. They’ll be able to access the cashier as well as the above said play money feature.

There are two tabs in the lobby: beginners and quick seat. The beginners tab shows 3 cash game tables, each featuring different stakes and player numbers. Players will be able to access these tables by simply clicking on them. Those who do not consider themselves beginners, will be able to use the quick seat button to set certain table-search filters in order to find action they deem proper for their bankroll-size and skill-level. The factors according to which players are able to make their selection are: stakes limit, table type (Heads-up or 3-10 player table) and game type (NL, PL or FL).

There are 2 more discrete clickable buttons in the lobby too: the options button (in the shape of a cog) and the help button (featuring a question mark). The help button offers players access to app version information, support email and access to 24/7 live support. All these buttons are set up in a way to facilitate touch-screen use of course.

Through the settings section, players can modify certain variables linked to their table presence and overall game experience. They’re able to choose avatars from a wide selection of categories.

The actual table interface is the same as the one in the downloadable 888 Poker software. Once they click on a table from the lobby (from the beginner’s tab or the quick seat one) players will be asked to buy into the game. They’ll be able to select the amount of chips they want to bring into the action through a slider-gauge. The pre-table menu (where the buy-in feature is located) features every relevant bit of information on the selected table, such as name, stakes, min buy-in, max buy-in and an option to rebuy automatically if the player runs out of chips.
The table layout should be a familiar sight to all those who have ever played a single hand of NL Holdem in an online poker room. There’s an actual table around which player avatars are visible, together with some basic information on the amount of chips each player has. Additional information can be requested on each player by tapping the name-plate. This is the section where players can slap various tags on their opponents so that they can later recognize them and adjust their style of play accordingly.

The user interface is a pretty standard one: players can perform the basic actions of calling/folding/raising, and they also have a few handy buttons which allow them to make half-pot, three quarter-pot and pot-sized raises. The slider-bar allows players to select the exact amount of a raise they want to fire into their opponents. There’s a chat window available as well. Players are able to add chips on the go (to top up their stacks in case of a loss) and they can access the settings menu directly from the table too.

All-in-all, the 888 Poker android app is one sturdy little online poker client, which would put even some of the PC-based clients to shame through the abundance of options it offers and its overall usability.