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Ladbrokes Mobile App Review

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Ladbrokes Mobile App Review

Ladbrokes Mobile Application Review - BioMedComThe Ladbrokes mobile app may not be as flashy from a visual perspective as that of some of the other major operators, but it is a solid and well put-together app, offering great functionality and an awesome market selection.

Ladbrokes is one of the oldest sports exchange operations in existence. The company was started way back in 1886 and it has tens of thousands of people working in its brick and mortar shops all over Europe. Always an innovator and quick to recognize the potential of untapped markets, Ladbrokes have developed a massive online presence as well. Tapping into the ever-increasing segment of mobile sports bettors was a natural progression as the site looked to expand its presence. The new Ladbrokes mobile client is a cross-platform creation, allowing sports bettors to place wagers from anywhere at any time and from just about any mobile device. The site offers apps for iPhones, for Android phones, for Blackberries, for Nokia and for other devices.

Downloading and installing the app is as easy as 1-2-3. Players can access the site directly from their mobile phones or they can simply text “SPORTS” to a phone number made available at the site and they’ll be sent further instructions.

Ladbrokes Mobile Sign-up Bonus

The sign-up bonus offered to Ladbrokes mobile players is slightly better than the industry standard. Weighing in at ?30, the bonus is only awarded to those who make a minimum deposit of ?10. In order to claim the bonus, they need to make a wager of the same amount.

The bonus may not be awarded when the player claiming it signs in through the Ladbrokes mobile client, which means one is best off logging in through his/her browser (from a PC, laptop or mobile device) and claiming it that way.

Ladbrokes Mobile Software Review

The lobby of the Ladbrokes mobile client features nice graphics and colors, but the design is a tad problematic in that it’s a little cluttered and blocky. Many of the sporting events have pictures next to them which slows things down a little, although the software is pretty fast and stable overall. Scrolling problems – like those we’ve encountered with some of the other mobile clients we’ve reviewed – are non-existent. Pages load up fast and the general impression is one of smoothness and responsiveness. The operation has obviously put quite a bit of effort and money into this mobile client.

Software Features

The lobby of the Ladbrokes mobile client is focused on live betting. Ongoing games are the ones that are displayed front and center, quite probably because they’re the type of bets most likely to get players to jump into the middle of the action straight away.

The layout of the various features and options is very practical. There’s a permanently present nav-bar at the bottom, which offers players instant access to some of the most important options like the “My account” the “Betting Slip” and the “deposit” sections. The “More” button gives players access to various other sections of the app like the homepage, the results section, the help section and others.

The main lobby features about 6 popular betting markets. The easy scroll navbar at the top of the screen offers access to additional markets.

Ladbrokes also have a live streaming feature, which only allows mobile players to watch horse races. Players need to bet at least ?1 on a race to be able to use the live streaming feature. No other sporting events are currently streamed.

Ladbrokes Mobile Market Selection

The Ladbrokes site features 35 betting markets, while players can only access 25 of these through the mobile app. While most online sports exchange companies go to great lengths to make sure that whatever they have available on their main sites is also available to mobile app users, Ladbrokes falls short of that mark. Most of the markets missing from the mobile app are the virtual sports ones though, which aren’t likely to generate much player interest to begin with, so the loss isn’t all bad.

Soccer and horse racing are the two verts on which the Ladbrokes mobile app is obviously focused. There’s an amazing selection of soccer leagues from around the world, and horse racing is thoroughly covered as well.

All 25 featured sports come with decent market coverage. Markets are added or taken from the offer on a daily basis, so for those looking for diversity it makes sense to check back often.

Ladbrokes Mobile Cashier

Mobile players can use their Ladbrokes app to undertake a variety of financial moves. They also have a list of the accepted deposit/withdrawal methods available, as well as their balance and transaction history. The whole thing is under the My Account tab.

The Ladbrokes support is excellent. Players can get live support through phone, but there isn’t an email available for support purposes, which is a bit odd to say the least.

Ladbrokes Mobile Navigation

Moving around within the Ladbrokes mobile app is a cinch. Everything is plain and simple and laid out in an obvious manner so even people who never placed a bet online will be able to make heads and tails of everything in no time.

Larger betting markets take a tad longer to load, while the smaller ones are accessed pretty much instantly. Now then, we’ve tested the client through a Wi-Fi connection on an Android tablet, which means that speeds will generally be slower than what we’ve experienced through a 3G connection.

The betting slip is as straightforward as it gets. It allows players to add more money to their wagers, to cancel bets, to add other bets and to generally manipulate their bets every which way they want to.

The Bottom Line

While Ladbrokes’ Mobile app is not the best-looking in the business, it is a really solid piece of software featuring great functionality and great market selection. Most sports bettors aren’t in the game for the fancy graphics, so they will probably look right past that little glitch. Other than that, there really isn’t anything negative that can be said about the Ladbrokes mobile client.