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Mobile Sports Betting Apps

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Mobile Sports Betting Apps

The days of sitting behind the PC to get a bet on line is coming to an end. This might sound like a strange statement to our US cousins whom are yet to embrace the on-line sports book due to evangelical and protectionism rules and regulations defined by the Federal government, state laws, paranoia and special interest groups. However, in certain parts of Europe we’ve had pretty liberal on-line betting for over a decade and the world didn’t end, the dead didn’t rise from the grave and the general breakdown of modern society simply didn’t happen. We’ve got mobile sports betting apps and we’ve got it big.

Betting on the Go - European Mobile Sports Betting Apps - BioMedComToday you can get a bet on in a shop, on your PC / MAC, iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and even the dumb ‘Feature phones’ from yesteryear can you place that bet whilst on the go. There are also alternatives too, Smart TV’s are now getting widgets so you can place a bet at home whilst watching the game and you can bet (forgive the pun) that once Apple launch their all singing and all dancing Apple TV set (iTV) will you be able to download an app directly to the TV and augment the live sports with live betting data. To be honest I simply can’t wait and if no one launches an app for that platform I’ll write it myself.

Because the market is so mature, the key operators have been launching a continuous stream of mobile phone updates. The days of a text heavy, slow interfaces have been replaced with slick looking betting platforms capable of quick bet placement, multiples / parlays, spreads etc. This is all being backed up with live statistical data and news feeds, you simply don’t need to log on to your PC any more to have a punt.

Because each phone platform has its own app store, you can crawl around the stores looking for betting apps. However, a nice consequence of Google’s decision to ban gambling apps from their app store, means that any modern smart phone can now access what’s called HTML5 betting services from most of the key operators. This means that irrespective of the mobile/cell phone you’re using, you can access the mobile version of the web site.

Usually, just typing in the name of the bookmaker main URL into your phone’s browser will auto re-direct you to their mobile product.

See below for a list of some of the most popular European mobile sports betting apps

Exchanges are the future, but not the only option. Exchanges allow you back or lay a bet selection. So, I think Horse No.1 will win, or I don’t think Horse No.1 will win. We’ll do a feature on betting exchanges shortly.